Minor In Special Education

The purpose of this minor is to provide undergraduate students with an overview of the field of special education. An interdisciplinary program of required and elective courses ensures that students are exposed to a variety of courses pertaining to disability in our society. Competencies attained by students completing this minor are of both a theoretical and practical nature and stimulate student interest in occupations serving individuals with disabilities. Direct contacts with individuals with disabilities are designed to help students determine if working in the area of special education is a career choice.

Declaring the Minor

  • Students are required to make an appointment to meet with the Program Advisor to discuss the expectations of the Minor program
  • Students who enter the minor need to allow enough time to complete the required 18 units.

Required Course Work for the Minor

Course # Course Name Units
CD 300 or
  CD 655
Human Communicative Development and Disorders or
Dynamics of Communication Development
PYS 200 General Pyschology 3
SPED 330 Introduction to Disabilities 3
SPED 675 Working with Families of young Children with Disabilities 3

Elective Course: Choose two courses below: 6 units

Course # Course Name Units
SPED 310 Exploring Visual Impairments 3
SPED 370 Young Children Disabled or At Risk, and their Families 3
SPED 620 The Science of Early Intervention 3
SPED 655 Basic Orientation and Mobility for Learners with Visual Impairments 3
SPED 662 Education of Deaf/Hard of Hearing Children 3
SPED 671 Positive Behavior Support for Young Children 3
SPED 672 Inclusive Learning Environments for Young Children 3
SPED 688 American Sign Language I 3
SPED 689 American Sign Language II 3
  Total for Minor Program: 18 units