Graduate Certificates in Special Education

Graduate Certificates provide supplemental training in an area of interest.  Certificates are for educators and related professionals. Students in a certificate program must hold a master’s degree in the field of special education or other related human service area, or may pursue a master’s degree and certificate concurrently.

Students may enroll in certificate programs concurrently as part of graduate studies in master's and doctoral programs. The award of the graduate certificate in special education means the holder has attained specialized knowledge and signifies to employers that the university validates this academic accomplishment. The graduate certificate is meant to augment, not replace, a degree for professional practice.

The Department of Special Education & Communicative Disorders offers graduate certificates in two areas:

Guidelines for the Graduate Certificate Programs in Special Education

  • A student who is applying to a graduate degree program in the university may also apply to enroll in either the Autism Spectrum or Early Childhood Special Education certificate programs.
  • A graduate student who is already enrolled in the university may apply to a certificate program.
  • A student who holds a post-graduate degree may apply to the university as a post-baccalaureate classified student and enroll in a certificate program. 
  • Application to the graduate certificate programs in Autism Spectrum or Early Childhood Special Education is completed through CSU Mentor and Application to the Department of Special Education & Communicative Disorders.  See application guidelines.
  • At least two-thirds of the course units for the certificate must be taken in residence.
  • Courses may be used to meet both a graduate degree and a graduate certificate providing they are appropriate and acceptable toward the specific requirements of each program.
  • Upon successful completion of the certificate, the award is posted on the student's permanent academic record (i.e., transcript).