Continuous Enrollment Requirement

The Department of Special Education & Communicative Disorders continuous enrollment requirement and policy.

Students admitted to a Master’s program during or AFTER Fall 2008

If a student enrolls in one of the Culminating Experience courses, such as SPED 896EXM, SPED 898 (Thesis), SPED 895 (Field Study) or SPED 894 (Creative Work) to complete their masters degree, and does not finish their study by the end of the semester, or by the following semester (grace semester), they need to enroll in at least one course during each successive semester until they complete their Culminating Experience and a grade is entered by their committee chair.

Note: If there is a break in enrollment before culminating experience is completed, the student upon return will be required to retroactively enroll for semesters in between and must continuously enroll every semester thereafter until completed.

Students in one of the above situations can enroll in the following low cost course available to meet this Continuous Enrollment Requirement: