Bachelor of Arts in Communicative Disorders

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Communicative Disorders (CD) is designed to provide students with the prerequisite knowledge necessary to apply to graduate study leading to the completion of a master’s degree in speech-language pathology or doctoral study in audiology. In addition, there are related fields open to the BA graduate that include employment as teacher’s assistant, classroom aide, child development worker, and speech-language pathology assistant with additional intern experience beyond the undergraduate degree. The BA degree in CD also provides a strong foundation for a number of graduate programs in special education, education, rehabilitation counseling, and related fields.

Undergraduates enter the program in their junior year, usually after having completed most or all of the general education requirements for a Bachelor's degree. Students who have questions regarding general education requirements need to contact a general education advisor in the Advising Center. All undergraduate students must complete 120 units to graduate from the university.  Undergraduate students may (upon advisement) take up to 6 units of CD graduate coursework, beyond the 120 units required for graduation, during their final semester as an undergraduate. For specific requirements to enter the CD major, consult the Communicative Disorders Program website and make an appointment with a CD faculty advisor.