Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) Added Authorization

(Program on Hold) 6/15/16

The Autism Spectrum Disorder Added Authorization (ASD AA) provides an opportunity for credentialled teachers to expand their knowledge, skill and scope of practice to serve students with ASD in schools and communities.  The ASD AA is designed to prepare candidates with a comprehensive foundation knowledge of the characteristics of students with ASD representing diverse ages, abilities, languages, cultures, economic backgrounds and socio-cultural experiences.  Candidates are guided to develop skills to provide competent, humanistic and meaningful support to learners with ASD, their families, and support providers. The ASD AA offers a cross-disciplinary perspective that provides candidates with the most current theory, research and evidence-based practices for understanding and addressing the complex nature and multi-facted needs of individuals affected by ASD.  Candidates demonstrate core professional competencies in ASD through completion of specialized course and field-work experiences.


Candidates eligible to apply for the ASD AA are only those who hold a valid Level I or Level II Education Specialist Instruction Credential issued prior to July 1 2010 in Deaf/Hard of Hearing, Mild-Moderate Disabilities, Physical and Health Impairments or Visual Impairments. Those candidates with a former Level I Education Specialist Instruction Credential who wish to transition to the Clear Education Specialist Credential may include ASD AA curriculum toward completion of requirements for the Clear Credential. Further, teachers holding a valide Level I or Level II Educational Specialist Credential issued prior to September 1, 2010 in Moderate-Severe Disabilities or Early Childhood Special Education (or the ECSE AA) are already authorized and are not eligible to apply for the ASD AA.

Candidates who currently hold or are working toward a Preliminary or Clear Education Specialist Instruction Credential under the CTC standards implemented after July 1, 2010 are not eligible to apply for the ASD AA.  These candidates are authorized to work with students with ASD, as ASD content is now included in all revised Preliminary Education Specialist Instruction Credential programs in all specialty areas.

Autism Spectrum Disorders Added Authorization (ASD AA) Curriculum

Course # Course Title Units
SPED 791 Nature of Autism Spectrum Disorders 3
SPED 794 Communication, Socializtion and Imagination: Autism 3
SPED 825 Behavior and Instructional Supports, Autism 3
  Total Units 9

Note: Each course requires 25 hours of field experience with students with ASD.