Important Deadlines

The life of a student can be inundated with announcements and deadines regarding program and university requirements.  Faculty and university offices provide ongoing information and resources for students to meet requirements by the appointed timelines that include registration, payment of fees, adding or dropping classes, applying for graduation, and more.  Frequent checks on the website will help to keep on track in addition to reviewing email announcements provided by faculty and university staff.

SPED Master's Comprehensive Exam

Graduate Students: Master's Degree Completion Deadlines

  • Steps to Graduation (includes Advancement to Candidancy form (ATC), Culminating Experience (CE), and Graduation Application.

Submit Student Teaching Applications (Credential)

Application Deadlines for Admission

Master of Arts & Credentials in Special Education

Joint Doctoral (JD) Program in Special Education

Register for an Application Information session, held regularly and hosted by the Credential & Graduate Services Center